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Justice & Public Safety
Housing & Affordability
Environmental Sustainability
DLG with firefighter

As an attorney and former prosecutor, I know nothing is more important than keeping our communities safe and delivering justice. We must always ensure that justice is equal and that community safety includes everyone's safety and well-being. As your State Representative, I wrote Michigan's Clean Slate laws and introduced legislation supporting community public safety. We need to continue supporting first responders, strengthen community policing, and ensure everyone in our city has access to equal justice and inclusion.


I know what it takes to encourage development and create jobs. I have started many businesses, including Four Friends Coffee House, Wealthy and Hall St. Bakeries, and Long Road Distillers. As a business owner, I make sure all our employees earn a living wage to support their families and find meaning in what they contribute to our community. My businesses have revitalized neglected neighborhoods. I'm committed to facilitating development in Grand Rapids and developing tools that allow smart investment at the cutting edge of innovation.

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Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Grand Rapids continues to attract and retain new residents, yet housing availability and affordability still lag behind demand. We must expand housing opportunities throughout the city at all income levels. We need to focus on city policies that will lower the cost of building the housing we need. We need to think creatively about solutions to increase the amount and types of housing units available in all neighborhoods.


Grand Rapidians deserve open, honest government they can trust. Our city still does not require elected officials to disclose their personal financial interests. And that's wrong. Since I entered politics, I've voluntarily disclosed my finances and fought dark money. Unfortunately, not all politicians do the same. I've called for the end of dark money and slush fund access to politicians, which they can use to buy influence, support their cronies, and support lavish lifestyles. I do not and will not accept money from corporations. If elected I will prioritize requirements for financial disclosure.​​

DLG at press conference
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We must move Grand Rapids into a clean energy future. As your State Representative, I supported legislation to increase access to community solar efforts in local communities and introduced legislation to expand EV charging infrastructure. We need to invest city resources wisely to save money and protect our environment.

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