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Nothing is more important than keeping our communities safe and delivering justice for Michigan citizens. Our system is in desperate need of reform, as we spend far too many resources jailing Michiganders for low level offenses. Last session I wrote legislation helps thousands of Michigan Citizens clean up old, low-level convictions and reenter the workforce, making our communities stronger and safer. Now, I'm working on bond reform. We have a two-tier system that lets rich, dangerous people out and keeps poor, low risk people locked up once accused of crime. Just a few days in jail can ruin a life. I've also introduced legislation to support public safety in our communities. Pursuing smart reforms will reduce recidivism, make our communities safer, and give individuals a fair chance to contribute productively to our community.


The past two years have been hard for businesses and employees alike. I've devoted myself to keeping businesses open and people employed. As a business owner, I know what it takes to encourage development and create jobs. I have started many businesses here in West Michigan, including Four Friends Coffee House, Wealthy and Hall St. Bakeries, and Long Road Distillers. As a business owner, I make sure all our employees earn a living wage to support their families and find meaning in what they contribute to our community. My businesses have revitalized neglected neighborhoods. In the Legislature, I'm working to facilitate new development in West Michigan and developing tools that allow smart investment at the cutting edge of innovation. I have introduced a land bank bill that will help grow the economy, particularly on the mom & pop scale.

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We are at an inflection point in Michigan for individual rights. With the overturning of Roe v Wade, it's more important than ever that we repeal Michigan's 1931 abortion ban and pass real reproductive health rights in Michigan. I've also been working to expand the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to outlaw discrimination in housing and jobs based on sexual orientation, and remain committed to ensuring our state upholds equity and justice in all parts of our government. 


Michiganders need open, honest government they can trust. Michigan still does not require elected officials to disclose their personal financial interests. And that's wrong. Since I entered politics, I've voluntarily disclosed my finances and fought dark money. Unfortunately, not all politicians do the same. I have introduced legislation to require that politicians disclosure their finances, which has received broad support from both sides of the aisle. I've called for the end of dark money and slush fund access to politicians, which they use to buy influence, support their cronies, and support lavish lifestyles. We need a dark money task force to end these practices in Michigan, which I have sought to create in the legislature. I do not and will not accept money from corporations. I will continue to champion open, honest government in the State Senate.​​


Clean water is crucial to our health and economy. It's the lifeblood of our State. When pollution happens, polluters should foot the bill--not taxpayers and the public. I continue to push for polluter pay bills to fund clean-up of contaminates like PFAS and I continue to champion protection of our Great Lakes and waterways. I am also working to move Michigan into a clean energy future. I have solar panels on my home and have driven electric cars since they were first introduced. However, these options are not accessible to everyone. I am proud to support legislation to increase access to community solar efforts in local communities, and I have also introduced legislation to build electric vehicle charging stations in our state rest areas. EVs are the future, but we need to them accessible to all Michiganders. These measures will help us combat climate change and work towards a clean future for all of us.


David is committed to making Michigan stronger and ensuring the talent we grow stays here. The student debt crisis is burdening our state. That's why David introduced legislation to create a tuition reimbursement tax credit for Michigan students who stay and work in our beautiful state. 

As a former GRPS School Board Member, David knows the importance of investing in our children and their future. He proudly voted to close the school funding gap so all students have the opportunity to succeed no matter where they live.

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David raised his family in Grand Rapids, and his experience as a county prosecutor means he knows what we need to do to protect our children. That's why he wrote the new Wyatt's Law legislation, creating a child abuse registry and allowing parents to find out if someone taking care of their child has a history of neglect or abuse. This enables parents to have greater power to protect their children and prevents future harm against our most vulnerable. 

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