I have spent my life working in criminal justice, and I bring my firsthand experience as a defender and prosecutor to the State House. Our system is in desperate need of reform, as we spend far too many resources jailing Michiganders from marginalized communities for low level offenses. Just a few days in jail can ruin a life. Pursuing these reforms will reduce recidivism, make our communities safer, and will ensure those individuals are given a second chance and not burdened for their rest of their lives from a minor offense.


Michigan ranks among the worst states for government transparency. That is because we are one of only two states that do not require elected officials to disclose their personal finances and potential conflicts of interest. As a business owner, I am always aware of when I could have a conflict of interest on certain bills, and I recuse my vote if one exists. Unfortunately, not all legislators do the same. I have introduced legislation to require this disclosure of financial interests, which has received broad support from both sides of the aisle, and I will continue my fight for this change as your State Representative.


I am a strong supporter of measures to protect our environment. I have solar panels on my home and have driven electric cars since they were first introduced. That said, these options are not accessible to everyone. I am proud to support legislation that would increase access to community solar efforts in local communities, and I have also introduced legislation which would allow electric vehicle charging stations to be built in our state rest areas. We have an EV future in front of us, but we need to build a charging infrastructure if it is to be viable for all Michiganders. Both these measures, alongside further environment protection measures,  will help us combat climate change and work towards a more renewable future.


As a business owner, I know what it takes to encourage development and create jobs. I have started many businesses here in Grand Rapids, including Four Friends Bakery, Wealthy and Hall St. Bakeries, and I am the owner of Long Road Distillers. My experience running business makes me uniquely prepared to advocate for small business owners. I am also an avid supporter of new development projects in Grand Rapids. I have introduced a bill that would allow Grand Rapids to form a land bank which would assist in spurring redevelopment projects in the city and would contribute to an already growing local economy.