Focus On Grand Rapids
I will always strive to do what is best for Grand Rapids.
I will focus on policies that support all our families and neighborhoods. I will work with city leaders to bring our tax- dollars home for public safety, roads, and infrastructure to ensure we have vibrant communities.

Support Education
As a current school board member, I understand what it takes to give our children the opportunity to succeed. I will work to restore school funding so our children can get the world-class education they deserve.

Grow Jobs & the Economy
As a small business owner, I understand how jobs are created and neighborhoods revitalized. Our economy works best when we have a strong middle-class, so I will work everyday to support working families in Michigan.

Defend Our Environment
As a devoted conservationist, I will protect our lakes, rivers, forests, and parks. I will support renewable energy, hold polluters accountable, ban oil drilling in our Great Lakes, and promote public transit.

Fight for Social Justice & Human Rights
I will continue my life-long fight for equal rights and fairness for everyone. I will push to reform our criminal justice system so it is fair. I will work for policies which will keep non-violent criminals out of the prison system, reduce recidivism, and make us safer. I will champion women’s health, women’s rights, pay equity and paid sick leave. I will make sure Michigan is a welcoming place where discrimination of any kind is not allowed.

Stay Informed

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